Washington Roads - US 97/2

US 97 and

A one-piece sign tells you to turn right to stay on US 97 NB out of Ellensburg.

NB very graphic warning.

This is supposedly Maxfield Canyon Rd., but it's signed as a private driveway, about 2 miles south of US 2.

Enjoying a former alignment of former US 97 from there north almost to the US 2 interchange (where it peters out). In the 4th photo, I give you a choice of modern US 97 to the right or chickens to the left. I made my choice apparent.

Looing west at the Goodwin Rd. bridge approach over the Wenatchee River west of Cashmere, now on US 2/97.

A couple of one-piece concurrency shields thrown your way. The black background is an older style.

Coming east over the hill into Wenatchee, I get a distant view of the then-new (opened later in 2013) Canyon B Bridge on Eastmont Avenue, built to open up hillside development in the foothills of Badger Mountain in East Wenatchee.

This sign makes very little sense. It's on US 2 EB/US 97 NB about to exit themselves as WA 285 begins ahead. While those roads certainly lead to Alt. US 97 and WA 28, those roads are not the subject of this exit. I'm sure this is only intended as a supplemental sign, but it's missing the "TO" banners.

Preceded by the photo atop this page, these are pretty much the first signs of interest along the US 2 WB/US 97 SB concurrency. These signs bracket the Columbia River bridge and present the unique way of signing US 97 Alt. that you saw one sign prior.

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