Washington Roads - US 395/2

US 395 and US 2/395

SB in Spokane under a 1917 railroad bridge.

Looking back north at the bridge, it's clear that this was once a bi-directional road. That appears to date to the second half of the 1960s, which tells you the sign is older than that. The lamp? Much older.

NB across the Columbia River on the "Blue Bridge" or Pioneer Memorial Bridge, opened in 1954 but not part of US 395 until 1985. Until then, US 395 followed US 12 to US 730 around the east side of the river. It's possible to likely that the emergence of I-82 as a completed corridor precipitated the change.

Westward views of the Blue Bridge from Columbia Dr., then onto Columbia Park Trail where there are no longer buildings or trees in the way.
Eastward views from the same trail.

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