Washington Roads - US 12

WB at WA 131 SB in Randle. WA 131 ends pretty quickly, turning into NFR 23 and/or 25. 25 takes you to Spirit Lake via the dead-tree Blast Zone, which appears to be the significance of that rainbowy shield next to the 131 SOUTH.

EB in Yakima in 1985, courtesy Michael Summa. Gotta love those shields.

WB across the 1952 Snake River bridge. The wider EB span was built in 1986, fortunately in a similar style.

WB in Walla Walla in 1983, courtesy Michael Summa. The Oregon shield is not hard for WSDOT (Washington State DOT) to get right.

I-82 and US 12/I-82
I-182/US 12

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