Washington Roads - US 101

Washington uses a lot of narrow shields for US 101, since two 1's lend themselves ideally to the arangement. They also use a lot of one-piece assemblies, to which all I can say is that I will keep photographing it if you keep doing it.

A variant of the narrow shield on top, a rapidly fading custom shield below. I found only one Scenic Byway shield with greens that look green (see Hoquiam and south), even though they're all presumably fairly new. Scenic route shield idea: do not use colors that fade quickly. Maybe spend a few dollars extra now so that the entire sign's purchase isn't a waste.

Hoquiam and south
 ~ Alternate US 101

North of Hoquiam to Port Angeles

East of Port Angeles

 ~ Former US 101

WSDOT's so out of practice with wide shields that when they do put one up, they do it wrong. I know it's blurry, but this chipmunk's already filled its cheek pouches for winter.

Into Oregon on US 101
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