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Howdy ho, Tukwila travelers! This is the 1931 South Park Bridge, and you'll have yourself a time crossing its whimsical structure. These photos head south from 16th Ave. into a random patch of unincorporated King County with friendly faces everywhere.

A Kenny-killing view of the WA 99 Duwamish Waterway bridge to the north.

Just like you saw at the north end of the bridge, this random piece of the old structure is at the southeast corner by Dallas Ave. and 14th St. Some fundamental essence of this bridge dates to 1931, but pretty much anything you see has been scrubbed clean or replaced before it reopened in 2014.

Side views. A fresh coat of paint makes everything more boring.

Boeing Access Rd. WB and spying on its northern parapet across a railroad, on the south side of Boeing Field (King Co. International Airport). The sign light is hiding a button copy arrow.

The eastbound sign is even more button-licious, and you can click on either photo for a closeup if you can stand the amazing.

While driving down WA 599, if you spot this bridge, exit right away and double back to 42nd Ave. S. The Duwamish River Bridge, here NB, opened in 1949.

Back south to Interurban Ave.

Bonus side views. Notice the odd "step" on the south side of the truss that's absent from the north side.

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