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Meyers Rd. NB from I-82 Exit 52. While this isn't in Toppenish, I can cheat it onto this page as being in unincorporated land only as far as the boundary of another city.

Meyers Rd. NB and SB at I-82. This has been I-82 since at worst the mid-1980s, so are these signs really old enough to have patched I-82 shields over US 12 (which still runs here, unsigned) shields? Or are they *gasp* covering state-name shields? This inquiring mind desperately wants to know.

Meyers Rd. NB (2 photos) and SB (4 photos) over the Yakima River. The 1945 bridge is gone now, having had a section wash out in 2016 at the end of a typical structural lifespan.

Asotin Ave. WB at Toppenish Ave. I don't know a whole lot about traffic signals, but circular signal housings are old and rare.

If you want to see some old signals, stop at the Northern Pacific Railway Museum. Here are some railroad semaphores of various age, sitting out for you to walk around and ogle.

They've got old highway signs too. Say what you want about the repainted stop sign, they used old colors and it's sitting in a vintage housing. Maybe the sign is actually old, since the crossbucks above it certainly is.

I have a soft spot for wig-wag signals, so I saved that for last. This signal housing was apparently shared between NP and UP railroads, with two bases for the various associated railroad equipment.

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