Washington Roads - Old US 99 - Thurston Co.

Former US 99, Thurston County

All photos are southbound.

Along State Ave. WB, could the first sign approaching Plum St. have had a US 99 shield on it from when I-5 was partially complete? Can this sign be 50 years old? I actually believe it. The second sign follows old US 99 onto Capitol Way.

14th Ave. SE leads east away from Capitol Way and the state capitol.

Continuing south into Tumwater, this is the 1937 Capitol Blvd. Bridge over the Deschutes River in its Art Deco glory.

Thrill to the concrete closeups on the east side of the bridge. Become one with the triangles and what were billed as the only cement totem poles in the world. Welcome to the Inside Passage, and on the west side, the Gateway to the Puget Sound Country and the Olympic Peninsula. And there's more, more totem poles on the north side of the bridge, just to make you stop and think. Out of the flow of traffic, please.

Looking west along Linwood Ave. under parallel I-5, then south to Trosper Rd. at Exit 102.

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