Washington Roads - Old US 99 - Tacoma

Former US 99, Tacoma

Heading north in Lakewood, the southern suburb of Tacoma, to the beginning of WA 512. The left lane heads to 100th St. SW.

Speaking of which, this SB sign at 100th St. tells you to get ready for a dual left turn followed quickly by a cloverleaf interchange. (The SW loop was removed, but that doesn't affect the need for this sign.)

In Tacoma, Tacoma Way NB passes under Tacoma Ave. in what must be the most Tacoma thing ever. Most of the city is perched up above the harbor, but old US 99 is making its way down.

Let me assault you with an Alps' dozen of truss photos from the 1926 Eells St. Bridge, heading west (US 99 SB) over the Puyallup River.

Looking north through the railing at the parallel BNSF railroad bridge.

A look south yields traffic on I-5 and the 1919 Tacoma Rail Mountain Division (TRMW) bridge.

Eells St. isn't done yet. Continue south and you get another truss across another railroad (port area = lots of railroads) and one Tacoma Dome. The last 2 photos are top and bottom of the same light pole.

All done! Look back east at what I just crossed and realize how much you can't even see from here.

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