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Tacoma area

I have to say Tacoma "area" because this railroad tunnel is on the left as I enter Ruston from Ruston Way WB at the Grand Loop roundabout. Ruston is a tiny chunk out of Tacoma but qualifies as a separate city, having never been amalgamated. The smaller tunnel to the right actually carried the road I'm on before the roundabout was built.

While in Ruston, check out the Winnifred St. Bridge over the same railroad from the tunnel. The substructure is original to 1941, but as the plaque mentions, the superstructure (deck, parapets) was rebuilt in 2003. You can see "Town of Ruston," since it only became a city in 2012.

Fortunately for road enthusiasm, the section of the old parapet with the bridge plaque was retained as an exhibit.

Into Tacoma once more, this at least doubles the number of round signal heads I've ever seen. Most of them are on Pearl St. (WA 163) SB at N. 26th St., while the other two are on Bridgeport Way NB at 27th St. (see old street sign).

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