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My first Seattle sight for you is the 5th St. monorail, which leads to the Space Needle.

I will also present to you some cracked downtown street signs in ancient frames. Unlike most jurisdictions, in Seattle (at least on these signs) the block number is for the street you're on, not the street you're intersecting, so the 100 block of Pine St. is at the 1600 block of 2nd Ave., while the 200 block in the latter photos is along Yesler Way.

It's not just the street signs where you'll see relics. This signal is above one such sign at the 2nd Ave./Yesler Way intersection.

Like historic signals? Walk over to 1st Ave. at Washington St. The first signal is on the SW corner and the rest are of the pole on the SE corner. If you really, really like signals, click on the 2nd or 3rd photo for a closeup of every screw and latch.

The east side of the intersection includes another, standalone old signal on the SE corner and then one on the NE corner. They're all over. Come visit.

Back to 2nd Ave. and south at Main St., you'll find a different type of old signal and old signs.

Now on a different 2nd Ave. - there are far too many repeated street numbers in Seattle - but sticking with the theme of old blinkers and signs, this is 36th St. WB (1st photo) and EB at 2nd Ave. NW in the Fremont neighborhood. Yes, every quadrant has some numbered streets and avenues, and they repeat, and sometimes they're not oriented the same geographically, so good luck trying to find any addresses.

Jumping back south closer to downtown, Wall St. facing SW at Western Ave.

Sights of Westlake Ave. SB, by 8th Ave. and Highland Dr. respectively.

Continuing east takes me to Lake Washington Blvd. SB (1st photo) and NB at the 1911 Arboretum Aqueduct. That's a slight misnomer, as it actually carries a sewer line. And, on top, pedestrian traffic. Romantic. I included trees to prove it's in the arboretum.

Heading back west once more, the "right only ahead" sign (taken at dusk with graffiti, hence the need to spell that out) is on Albion Pl. from 38th St. N toward Bridge Way, and the one you can actually see is on Sand Point Way NB at 125th St. where it stops being a through road.

The next arterial north is 35th Ave. NE, which leads into WA 522 by way of Erickson Pl. The signals show that you must turn right, but there is no less visible way to do so than this.

Let's close out the page by heading west, and I'll do so by entering the Magnolia Bridge WB from Elliott Ave.

These are the Ballard Locks, or more specifically the structure blocking most of the flow of Salmon Bay and the old control building between the two shipping locks. The locks opened in 1916 with the full structure done in 1917. It took 6 years to build, so it's as complex as a dam minus the power generation.

To the west, the last crossing of the bay is the Salmon Bay Bridge, actively carrying a train when I visited in late afternoon.

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