Washington Roads - Sea-Tac

Sea-Tac Airport

As I pass the southeast exit of the airport to circle north on Airport Expwy. in 2014, I also pass construction of an odd-looking foundation for the Link light rail that will open in 2016. All of the supports are vertical and there's nothing above ground on this hillside suggesting the need for a tilted base, but that structure may be in place for subsurface preparation, seismic needs, or some use that isn't evident from my drive-by.

Driving north from there, parallel to the new elevated tracks, to the future SeaTac station. (SeaTac is the town, Sea-Tac is the airport, but the light rail in theory serves both. We all know the airport will be generating the traffic here.)

My choices exiting the rental car facility in the northeast corner of the airport are signed with non-standard arrows, shields, and destination sizes. I could theoretically turn right, cross the north end of the expressway, and get to WA 509 on surface streets, but WA 99 to 154th St. to WA 518 is likely faster. (518 is not signed here, but everything not WA 99 is reached via that route. A proud but silent worker.)

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