Washington Roads - Old WA 99/old US 99

Old WA 99 (former US 99)

Heding north from 16th Ave. into the bottom of Seattle along Marginal Way, which held US 99 before the current WA 99 freeway leading out of Tukwila. It feeds back in at its north end, hence the (now deprecated) need to warn about the Alaskan Way viaduct. Repeated warnings of I-5 at Myrtle St. and Carleton Ave. appear to be for Corson Ave., the last decent route to I-5 before committing to traversing Seattle on WA 99.

NB through Everett, north of the end of WA 99 but not fitting conveniently on any other page, starting on Broadway near Pacific Ave. It was raining the morning I traveled old US 99, so apologies for some of the photo quality. WA 529 crosses Broadway on Everett Ave., comes north on Marine View Dr., then returns to Broadway to latch onto old US 99 back north to I-5.

Modern WA 99
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