Washington Roads - Old US 2/97

Former US 2/97

The western end of old US 2/97 in Dryden curves from Main St. onto School St., following the concrete pavement back to the modern alignment.

The School St. bridge over Highline Canal heading north from old US 2/97 is almost as old as the original US highway system (1926). Burch Mountain rises in the distance.

Completing the triangle, Main St. EB from School St. again crosses the Highline Canal, again in 1932, back to the curve of former US 2/97. The canal was built not for ship travel, but as a water conveyance to serve agriculture in Wenatchee County.

An old railroad bridge across the Wenatchee River north of old US 2/97.

Main St. west through Dryden.

Carey Corner is an old alignment of an old alignment (Old Monitor Rd.). Traveling west, it then recrosses Old Monitor through a couple of driveways.

Safe to say the most interesting bridge along former US 2/97 is across the Wenatchee River west of Monitor. Now controlled by signals at either end, it originally carried both directions of two primary US highways without such control. I wonder how long that lasted.

Back west across the span.

Looking west and east along the Wenatchee River. The bridge is oriented entirely antithetically to how US 2 and 97 run: US 2 WB/US 97 SB headed across the bridge NE.

WB in downtown Monitor. It's fairly creative, but definitely non-standard.

Yet another crossing of the Wenatchee River, this one WB into Monitor. Dating to 1930, it appears to be 20' wide and thus lacks a center stripe.

Easy St. NB toward Sunnyslope, crossing US 2/97. It's the original alignment of US 2 north out of Wenatchee, back when 2 followed what's now WA 285 because there was no other Columbia River crossing. Both lefts lead into the same roadway, but the left lane quickly heads to 285 SB and the right lane stays on US 2/97 (neither of which actually goes to Seattle, minor detail).

Modern US 97 and US 2/97
Modern US 2

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