Washington Roads - Old US 101

Former US 101

From the end of WA 3 south, Golden Pheasant Rd. is former US 101 until it's not.

WA 8 was once US 410, meeting US 101 one interchange north of Mud Bay Rd. Until the freeway was built into Olympia, Mud Bay was US 101/410, and these photos are SB/EB on that concurrency as far as Evergreen Pkwy.

The view south from the 4th Avenue bridge over West Bay of Budd Inlet, the very tip of Puget Sound, and views north toward it. The original US 99 bridge lived from 1921-2001, when it was damaged in the Nisqually Earthquake and was replaced in 2004. I appreciate that the new architecture strove to feel older than its years.

That makes 5th Avenue and this western connector from 5th to 4th the old bridges by the bay. I can't find a lot of info on 5th Avenue but its bridge was authorized in 1958, so I will put this Olympic Way connector's date as circa 1960. A few years later, this bridge became obsolete as the railroad underneath was torn up and replaced south of this point by Deschutes Pkwy.

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