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This rocks-in-roof sign (WA standard for falling rocks) on WA 123 NB ranks second on my list to a sign at MIT.

Nutty Narrows is first on everyone's list, where said list is "cutest bridges." Notably, it's survived nearly 60 years and millions of rodent feet over Olympia Way exiting Long Square.

Still in Longview, this old hack job is on Oregon Way SB at Beech St.

For my first batch of route shields, I start you with an old one and end you with a double end: WA 300 ends at the very tip of Hood Canal. Business 108 is straight when WA 108 turns, by the way.

Here's the second batch, all one-piece assemblies. The first three form a progression, as the North WA 305 shield is over the End WA 307. The WA 503 shield is actually facing north, as WA 503 follows the Lewis River out of Woodland before it can turn south.

Sorry, officer, I'm directionally challenged. West is... to the left?

Deschutes Pkwy. south over Percival Cove's connection to Capitol Lake. For $200, Capitol Lake is by the capitol building in this city.

Sign 1: The end of National Forest Road 99, at NFR 25. Since the sign is small, the thing to notice is that I-5 is signed both ways - south is a little longer but takes you around the south side of Mt. St. Helens. Sign 2: Just a NFR sample shield.

Both on WA 410 WB, the first at Chinook Pass, the second exiting Mt. Rainier National Park.

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