Washington Roads - Old US 99 - Lewis Co.

Former US 99, Lewis County

All photos are southbound.

Top and bottom of a sign assembly on Harrison Ave. SB in Fords Prairie. Still valid, just in need of replacement.

There was once a neon sign that looked just like this on Tower Ave. (WA 507), dismantled years ago. Centralia decided to replace it but with two differences: location (Main St. EB, old US 99 instead of 507) and layout (VMS element on the bottom).

Past WA 507 on S Gold St. starting at Fair St., I choose left lane for the giant bird.

Clearly, the road here was once two-way, under the US 12 (now concurrent with I-5) connector north of Chehalis.

Old train station, old signals on Market Blvd. at S 2nd St.

WA 507 and former US 99
Continue south on former US 99 to WA 505

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