Washington Roads - I-90

I-90 WB traffic gets a good view of the Seattle Mariners' Safeco Field before turning to the right and heading down to street level.

And here I-90 gracefully ends at 4th Avenue, about 3,115 miles west of its eastern end, and also facing east (by the end of the loop). No END signage, unfortunately, or outrageous distance signs.

Another interesting sign greets the beginning of I-90 from Atlantic Way EB, now renamed Edgar Martinez Drive. From this side, the easier stadium to view is Seahawks Stadium.

If I could fix two things about this EB sign, it's the periods in "B.C." and the spacing of "North". Give me a crack at the full-width exit tab next. The shield atop the page comes next.

I'm blaming sunset for the quality of these WB photos. The I-90 pull-through BGS's only mention 4th Ave. S, which as you will see is not a long distance away.

WB on the Mercer Island Floating Bridge, one of two crossing Lake Washington; the other, the Lake Washington Floating Bridge on WA 520, is the longest in the world. On either side of the MIFB, I-90 tunnels under residential areas, with the WB lanes and EB lanes in two of the tunnels, and reversible HOV lanes in the third. In this photo, those HOV lanes are clearly visible between the two mainline bridges. The EB lanes (left of the picture) are the original MIFB.
Men in F-ing Black? No.

Why use 2di-width shields for a 3di? Oddly, EB at Exit 9, the signs look pretty new (in 2004).

Not that old, but quite poorly-made, signs at the bottom of the WB exit 109 ramp.

Looking northwest from WA 26 at I-90's Vantage Bridge over Wanapum Lake, built in 1962 to replace an older US 10 bridge that was being flooded out by the new Columbia River dam.

I-90 WB (heading south) approaching the same bridge.

Business I-90, Ellensburg

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Exit 10A to I-405
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