Washington Roads - I-82/US 97/US 12/US 395

I-82 and

I-82 WB/US 97 NB over the Naches and Yakima Rivers. The WB/NB bridges are original to US 97 in 1932. The EB/SB bridges were built in 1960 with the freeway in mind.

Fruit antiques? Think I'll pass. Wait, maybe I'll take the wine. That's a fruit antique by definition.

I-82 EB/US 97 SB in 1985 courtesy Michael Summa. These signs are both on the Exit 31 ramp, now Exits 31 A-B. WSDOT didn't have the naches to add US 12 EAST to the pull-through BGS (the sign above the through lanes). The font looks a little weird, which may be due to a closely spaced sign layout. The dot after "1st" is weird regardless.

Variations on a theme. The sunshine is split up across WA 24 at Exit 34.

Looking northeast from the last shield assembly, a wild truss appears.

Actually, these aren't the same exit. Both are from I-82/US 12 eastbound in 1985, courtesy Michael Summa, but the latter is at the end of the Exit 82 offramp.

WB signs within those limits, to the bottom of the Exit 58 ramp. Exit 69 was always only WA 241, which was extended south into Mabton in 1991 but not over any existing highway.

Sunnyside Rd. SB at I-82 Exit 63, missing US 12.

I found the WB counterpart to Michael's EB ramp sign. There seems to be room to increase the size of the 221 numerals. WA 221 is numbered as the second spur (220 being first) of WA 22.

I-82 WB on its lone stretch without a concurrency, and the lone 2-digit width I-182 shields left in 2013.

At or near Columbia Center Blvd. in western Kennewick, intended to get traffic to WA 240.

EB at the east end of I-82 being lonely. I debated leaving a puzzle as to how US 395 could lead to I-82 if I'm already on I-82. This was intended to be (and was later replaced by) a narrow I-182 shield, though from here that doesn't make much sense either. "Pasco" would be more useful than that.

An interesting layout for this sign. WA 397 is, naturally, a spur from US 395, which is now following I-82 down to Oregon.

Oh, there's Oregon. The concrete girder span was built in 1988, while the original SB side carried US 395 starting in 1955. This was basically the last piece of the modern I-82 freeway.

Halfway across the Columbia River on the Umatilla Bridge until I hit the border, so keep going into Oregon to see the rest. I love how WSDOT's sign for Oregon results in 2-digit width shields.

Onto US 97 alone
Exit 31 to US 12 alone
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Exit 58 to WA 223
Exit 113 to US 395 alone

Exit 102 to I-182
Exit 114 to WA 397
Exit 1 to US 730 in Oregon
Into Oregon on I-82
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