Washington Roads - I-705

The south end of I-705 turns into the north end of WA 7. The detour appears to be pointing traffic onto WA 7 itself here. Must be the end.

Coming north, I-705 affords glimpses of WA 509 (the cable-stayed E. 21st Street Bridge) and former WA 509 (the 11th Street Bridge truss to the north).

Bearing left to the A Street exit affords weird signs and more WA 509. And another old I-705 shield. But between the Type A Exit Only arrows (they should be Type D like the one for I-705) and the dual-headed exit, my attention is elsewhere. There is a split between A St. (right) and 15th St. (left), but they are not exiting each other, so this should just be a W12-1 warning sign with arrows.

Continue on I-705 without exiting and see more of the 11th St. Bridge. And a pedestrian bridge that looks like it's offering you rock candy. (It's the "Bridge of Glass." Chew carefully.) Notice that with the twin exits to A St. and WA 509, I-705 is down to one lane until the WA 509 onramp comes in.

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