Washington Roads - I-5

These are all in Seattle, and they aren't all of the state-name shield LGS's out there by a long shot. I know the last two are on Columbian Way NB and Mercer Street EB (a cut-over from WA 99. I don't care about the rest. They're all the same.

The Portland, OR to Vancouver, WA Interstate Bridge crossing the Columbia River, seen NB from what is technically Oregon, but who's counting. The NB side is the original 1917 bridge for US 99, presciently predating the Interstate system by 40 years, while SB is the 1958 twin.

Aw, gee whiz, if RIDOT can get out here we're all DOOMED I tells ya! Well, this one not even a RIDOT could love. It has the state name, for one, and lower-case directional signage. Where do they get these?

One south, one north of Seattle, these trussworks are original US 99 four-lane bridges (or two plus shoulders) pressed into duty as one-way I-5 bridges. At least one former 99 bridge squeezes all then-four lanes of I-5 onto it.

Signage to get onto I-5 at Exit 1C from Mill Plain Boulevard WB in Vancouver, WA.

This NB picture doesn't do the sign on the left justice, but it has the traces of old lettering, upside down, on what clearly was once a larger sign.

NB on the I-5 frontage road, at the beginning of WA 4 at Exit 39.

Aww, lookit the cutey shields! Exit 49 leads tourists to Mt. St. Helens. I say it that way because those who know the mountain come around the other side of it.

NB at the shared beginning of these routes. There are a lot of lines crossing on this sign. Two separate signs would make it easier to understand, along with a proper I-405 shield.

Not the same as the LGS's! Columbian Way NB, down the mountain.

From the West Seattle Bridge EB, after it has passed WA 99 to the west.

The only I-5 related button copy I saw, on James Street EB underneath I-5 in Seattle, at the top of the very large hill that was filled in to create a city out of a marsh and a cliff.

NB once more, north of Seattle. US 2 used to continue a short way west from I-5 into Everett before dying, but this interchange became the western terminus, hence the patched direction on the left and the addition of WA 529 on the right.

I've got one more truss bridge for you. This is a southward look at the twin Nooksack River bridges. Get your mind out of the gutter. The original bridge is the NB (left) one, built for US 99 in 1955. The twin SB span, wider to accommodate a shoulder, opened in 1971.

Heading north across the 1955 span.

Can't go much farther than this.

See more of old US 99

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