Washington Roads - I-405

I think I prefer the center sign. It's the only correct one.

Living up to the quality of my 2004 photos despite being taken years later, here's an older ramp sign at the south end of I-405, which continues west past Sea-Tac Airport as WA 518.

The oldest sign I found along I-405 isn't on I-405. It's on Kennewick Pl. WB in Renton.

The only semi-old BGS's I found on the NB side of I-405.

Not as enamored with this newer SB sign.

Heading SB with some western views of Lake Washington, Mercer Island, I-90, and the braided exit 9 (Bellevue Way) ramps just west of I-405. The addition of an HOV ramp toward downtown doesn't make this less complicated.

The 1904 Wilburton Trestle crosses Richards Creek near I-405 Exit 12.

NE 4th St. EB in Bellevue at I-405 Exit 13B. Do you understand what to do here? Turn carefully.

An assortment of SB signs for your amusement. Tolls were added to the WA 520 floating bridge in 2011 to pay for construction of a new WB span. WSDOT was also proactive about limiting carpool hours to only when traffic on I-405 is completely unbearable.

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