Washington Roads - I-182/US 12/US 395

All photos on the freeway are westbound.

First westbound assembly as I-182 begins along US 12.

On the base of the Exit 13 ramp.

Faded signs on N 4th Ave. NB in Pasco at Exit 13. I-182 still heads east an exit to US 395, and US 395 still heads west two exits before departing for the Blue Bridge toward Kennewick. Now, until 1985, US 395 went east on US 12 to US 730 around the Columbia River, so if the sign messages were copied from earlier signs at this interchange, that could explain the lower message for US 12 EB.

They made the wide shields narrow and the one narrow shield wide why exactly?

Riding into the sunset toward Candy Mountain. Candy Mountain, you fill me with sweet sunsetty goodness.

I-182 stops being signed ridiculously early, becoming "to I-82" by the WA 240 interchange. Enjoy the likely-1980s vintage (when I-182 was completed) signs to the end of the road.

Onto US 12 alone
Exit 12A to US 395 alone

Onto I-82
Exit 4 to WA 240
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