Washington Roads - Future US 395

Future US 395, North Spokane Corridor

In 2013, and for several years thereafter, Future US 395 SB ended along the ramp to Freya St. The freeway corridor will follow the rail line south and eventually connect with I-90, at which point this will become US 395 and current US 395 will... I guess we'll have to find out. It may be decommissioned, given a new number (WA 396?), or turned into a Business route. The "To I-90" and obviously the End sign will disappear at that time.

Freya St. SB at the then-beginning of Future US 395. Once the interchange is completed, this roundabout will have a fourth leg coming in from the US 395 NB offramp, but there is no room on the sign to display that. At least it's clear there's a non-Future shield hiding.

Entering the freeway from Freya St. Shortly after this, the Future US 395 overpass was built from this approach over Freya St., though still not connecting south.

Paused at the top of the NB onramp from Freya St., looking south at the paved but unopen Future US 395 carriageways.

Not sure where the sun motif comes from. This is SB under the US 2 WB-Future US 395 SB ramp and beyond.

Farwell Rd. is closed east of Future US 395 for rebuilding and construction of the Children of the Sun Trail paralleling the new freeway. Farwell Rd. is a key link to and from US 2, since only WB-SB and NB-EB ramps were built directly between the two highways.

This recent rock cut accommodates the new interchange where Future US 395 ties into the current highway.

Current US 395

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