Washington Roads - Fremont Ave., Seattle

Fremont Avenue, Seattle

Congratulations to Seattle Pacific for becoming a university since this sign was put up. That happened in 1977. These relics are still on Westlake Ave. NB as of 2019.

Before becoming Fremont Ave., the south end of the bridge is the north end of 4th Ave. N, and this is the only intersection between Westlake Ave. and the bridge.

Panning from the 1917 Fremont Bridge (north) to the 1932 Aurora Bridge (east), carrying WA 99 and formerly US 99.

From north to south, all of the photos I took facing east. Aurora's underdeck truss is quite a bit more scenic from a historic bridge standpoint than just seeing the railings when driving it.

Same progression, but this time facing straight ahead on the Fremont Bridge.

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