Washington Roads - Eastlake Ave., Seattle

Eastlake Avenue, Seattle

Eastlake Ave. NB crosses under the I-5 Ship Canal Bridge, ending with a look back southwest.

Eastlake Ave. has bigger things to worry about. It crosses Portage Bay on the 1919 University Bridge, which is inherently cooler by virtue of being older and having above-deck features. I don't even know what's in the last photo - it could be early bridge signals or openings for the original bridge horn, or not.

University Bridge is parallel to Ship Channel Bridge, so I get plenty of views of I-5. The lower level carries reversible express lanes.

Back to the road ahead. The University Bridge was rebuilt in 1933 to go from wooden approaches and decking to steel, including the first steel grating deck in the United States, which survived all the way to 1990. That's great, but I still have no info on the two holes on the tower. I think the tower was also rebuilt in 1933, which is more in line with the possibility of red and green (or two red) bridge signals.

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