Washington Roads - Old US 99 - Cowlitz Co.

Former US 99, Cowlitz County

Photos progress southward.

SB across the North Fork Toutle River on Barnes Dr. just inside the county, then a look back north. It's called the Mickey Mouse Bridge and I haven't found any explanation as to why.

Skipping Castle Rock (see big link at bottom), old US 99 (Pacific Ave.) crosses and then parallels an ancient railroad north of Kelso.

Now in Kelso, N Pacific Ave. features old US 99 concrete and a former through movement that was realigned to prioritize Kelso Ave., which connects to the newer I-5. Photos progress south until the last one looking back north from Kelso Ave.

Freedom! in Vision Acres south of WA 432.

Heading south on the 1932 Meeker Drive bridge over the Kalama River, this time with no look back north.

NB in Kalama and SB leaving it. Think "NORTH" was an afterthought? I think it's totally unnecessary, as I-5 SB is also accessed by turning here to get to the frontage road and looking for an I-5 crossing.

I'm still heading south, but the first photo diverges from WA 503 NB because it's a weird route that heads north from Vancouver and then turns abruptly west for the rest of its length, following the Lewis River and ultimately turning back south as a result. Bearing right gets me onto Goerig St. in Woodland, more old US 99 with covered concrete. I'm a few miles from Oregon as the crow flies and more by driving, but an Oregonian SPEED sign (no limit in that state means it's an intended speed but you can exceed it based on judgment) has made it onto this city road.

Business I-5 in Castle Rock, former US 99
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