Washington Roads - Columbian Way, Seattle

Columbian Way, Seattle

All photos are westbound.

Columbian Way turns slightly right as it crosses Beacon Ave., but not enough to warrant a tilted arrow that could be confused with a right turn. It curves more sharply at Oregon St., joining 15th Ave. S, but it's still essentially a straight-ahead movement that needs no reassurance.

It amuses me that I found the same sign in 2004, as a passenger in my parents' rental, still up 10 years later despite having already been faded. It was finally replaced in 2016 or 17, directing Columbian Way traffic back off of 15th Ave. S.

Here's another one, but this time it was replaced before I got back to it. Admittedly, it was in even worse condition than the white sign in 2004.

The only non-5 sign is at Spokane St.

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