Washington Roads - Old US 99 - Clark Co.

Former US 99, Clark County

Photos progress southward and are southbound after the dead-end.

Of course, more than half the photos are northbound while I'm following the dead end, NW Pollock Rd. on the south side of La Center. This old alignment along the East Fork Lewis River was bypassed by a straighter alignment that is now La Center Rd.

Back down Pollock Rd. in the early dusk.

Every jurisdiction does something special. Mt. Vista gives a non-cutout shield for old US 99 turning right from 179th St.onto 15th Ave. Salmon Creek pretends the route number was never decommissioned, and I therefore love them. Vancouver has an apparent history of one-piece green signs for assemblies. This may be a WSDOT thing, as I am at WA 501 on Main St.

US 99 crossed into Portland, OR on the 1917 Interstate Bridge, which is now the left (NB) span used by I-5 over a century later. The SB side dates to 1958, basically born into the Interstate system despite the name being entirely unrelated.

Continue north on former US 99 into Cowlitz County

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