Washington Roads - Bus. I-5 Castle Rock/old US 99

Business I-5, Castle Rock, former US 99

Looking south along Pleasant Hill Rd., old US 99, just west of Bus. I-5's southern junction with its parent.

Cowlitz River scenery and northward to the Bus. I-5/WA 411 split (SB). Instead of ending here, WA 411 multiplexes up to I-5 for a joint terminus.

These photos are not on Bus. I-5. Right before it comes to its northern end, old US 99 splits off northward as Cowlitz View Dr. That then further bifurcates into a residential cul-de-sac and this original concrete highway.

Turned around and headed back to reality. Notice that curbs were formed monolithically with pavement in the 1920s.

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