Washington Roads - Albro Pl., Seattle

Albro Place, Seattle

All photos are northbound.

This is just an ordinary traffic controller cabinet, except it's also a swoopy aircraft. The 13th Ave. intersection just happens to be at the end of Boeing Field/King Co. International Airport. May be a factor.

Old signs help you navigate Stanley Ave., which leads to a long onramp to I-5 via Bailey St. The Georgetown neighborhood also has a similarly long offramp into Corson Ave. to the north.

Albro Pl. itself crosses I-5 with just one interchange ramp, coming from I-5 SB. (There are more ramps ahead and to the right along Swift Ave., but Seattle prefers you use Stanley Ave. instead.) But to get there, it must first cross the multitude of train tracks next to the freeway, and it uses this 1931 bridge to do so.

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