Washington Roads - 11th St., Tacoma

11th Street, Tacoma (old WA 509)

The 11th Street Bridge, now known as the Murray Morgan Bridge, opened over City Waterway, now known as the Thea Foss Waterway, in 1911 (coincidentally). Designed by Waddell & Harrington, it nearly didn't make it to its 100th anniversary, closing in 2007 and undergoing 6 years of renovations - hence the shiny, pedestrian-friendly concrete.

Although the sun wasn't out that day, I still got some quality views of Mt. Rainier to the southeast.

Looking back southwest, I get glimpses of the Tacoma Dome and the E. 21st St. Bridge that has carried WA 509 since 1997. Looking back west, I see the bridge I just crossed.

The next 11th Street Bridge opened over the Puyallup River, also in 1911. This bridge, designed by Waddell alone, did make it 100 years but not much longer, as it closed in 2014 and appears to be on the road to demolition after years of looking for funding to make any sort of decision (repair, replace, or remove). This being a former state highway in a harbor area, there are more bridges; the next one over the Blair Waterway is simply gone, but the last one (Hylebos Bridge over the Hylebos Waterway) remains.

One side view of the bridge, looking north. The deck looks ever so slightly crooked.

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