Vermont Roads - VT 9 - W. of Wilmington

VT 9 west of Wilmington

Heading west out of Bennington. Would it have killed VAOT to make an NY 7 shield? I know they've done it before.

Looking east at the Bennington Battle Monument and the mountains behind it. (These aren't yet the Green Mountains, though.)

Woonsignage invades Bennington, courtesy Doug Kerr.

VT 9 EB at US 7 (one was just on a different route 7, NY 7). You can see four things here. One, there is bad traffic at the center of town, which is why the VT 279 bypass is so nice, and a completed US 7 bypass will be even nicer. Two, there is some UGLY signage there (the "9" is more of a "g") - notice that there is small writing beneath the 7 NORTH sign for HISTORIC VT 7A (see the US 7 page for a photo of that shield). Three, underneath both the 9/7 signage and the center left-turn signal heads are red NO RIGHT TURN ON RED signs - non-standard, but cool, and probably would be more effective if they were larger. Finally, the center signal head is only two phases - bottom is Y/G (LED), top is R. VT probably got away with this because people need to slow down before making left turns, so color-blind people should have enough reaction time to see "green" suddenly go to red.
If you're interested, the signal phases are: 4-way WALK, VT 9 thru, VT 9 lefts, US 7 thru, US 7 lefts, and back to 4-way WALK.

Some of the WB signs at US 7. First you get the new style that replaces what you saw EB, except it's managed to become cracked in just a few years. Then you see that the yellow arrow is included within the green arrow lens for the left turn signal. That can't be safe. The pedestrian "push button" sign is supposed to be black on white.

More downtown Bennington signs. I guess those are truly 1890 street signs? Notice that even the new yield signs are made as shoddily as the other guide signs around town. Someone's head should be rolling for this.

At Beech St. in Bennington.

EB on the east side of Bennington in 2011, as the new VT 279 bypass has been constructed this far but is not yet open due to ongoing work near the US 7 interchange on the north side. The interchange is built as half of a SPUI, with the idea that the road's eventual continuation southward would complete the other half and justify the single point of intersection.

WB at the same place. Not sure why half the signs are unbagged, since there's no destination choice available here yet. For plenty more construction photos, see the VT 279 link below.

Just like on VT 8 NB, the relatively modern green shields have started to fade, more significantly in this direction though. VT follows the Deerfield River, which crosses from the north to south sides of the road between VT 8 and these photos.

Past Woods Rd., which serves the hamlet of Medburyville, and past the Harriman Reservoir beyond that to Wilmington. In Vermont, towns just happen out of the wilderness.

An old alignment and some scenery heading WB. It's possible this is the same Woods Rd. truss bridge as before.

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