Vermont Roads - VT 9 - E. of Wilmington

VT 9 east of Wilmington

Square shields west of Brattleboro, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Crossing the Creamery Bridge on Guilford St. just off of VT 9 west of Brattleboro.

VT 9 is Western Ave.

There's a pedestrian walkway on the east side of the bridge. Or you can take your chances with the cars given that there are wooden "bumpers" on the deck.

Looking east and west at Whetstone Brook.

Now coming back north across the bridge; click on the video to finish the drive across to VT 9.

Starting out in the sunny direction, these overheads eastbound at I-91 in Brattleboro look recent but have old fonts in the I-91 shields, which you'll see below. Doug B. says they date from 1986. Here I-91 is signed TO US 5 and VT 9, as a bypass of the center of town - even though straight ahead should in fact be marked as VT 9 (at least call it the business route), at least it's not like the other end of the bypass where US 5 and VT 9 are signed as if they actually do multiplex with I-91.

Now take a look at the shields! I mean, now look at them! Ahem. All westbound and spaced very closely.

I'll gladly obey any embossed sign. Westbound in Brattleboro.

The circles may be appropriate here, because VT 9 is still town maintained. The NB shields (second photo) appear to be older than the SB ones (first photo), especially the original-spec I-91 shield. The 22- or 21- inch wide shield appears to have been a rare variant of the original 18x18 spec.

WB on the connector from VT 9 to I-91 that bypasses Brattleboro.

Heading east into New Hampshire, where the old 9 bridge has been preserved for pedestrians. See the NH 9 page (linked below) for more bridge photos.

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