Vermont Roads - VT 8A


The border.

The first sign across the border enforces T23 Sec. 1047 of Vermont Law. Not your usual Welcome to Vermont!

This is what all of VT 8A looks like - and it's a far sight better than the Massachusetts side.

SB and NB reassurances. The SB one is the only regular one I saw on the route. The circle means VT 8A is town maintained. The NB one dates from the 1950's and is bent over at a crazy angle. These were usually posted on the wrong side of the road on the back of another sign, but there are almost no signs on 8A. Click the second photo for a closeup.

The reference marker on VT 8A is not for 8A at all (which would probably be 0081), but some random town road. Again, that could make sense because this is a town maintained highway, but why would the reference marker not match the route number?

Coming to the end of VT 8A. VT 112 is a state-maintained route, so this circle is an error and probably only there because VT 8A is town maintained. Doesn't make it right.

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