Vermont Roads - VT 8/100

VT 8 and 8/100

A little misleading at the Massachusetts border, because while VT 100 and 8 do end here while multiplexed, MA 8 continues straight ahead. So keep the END 100, and let Massachusetts provide a square 8 on the other side. It's also misleading to have state highways ending and beginning within inches of each other.

The southernmost (0000) reference marker on VT 100. 100 is the main route in Vermont so its markers dominate, even though 8 is the number carried up from Connecticut through Massachusetts.

Saw that little concrete pillar next to the state line sign? Here's the henscratch on the Vermont side, and then off in the bushes you see a border stone considerably older than 1963! Isn't it good you stopped?

The north and south sides of the 67-year older stone. Stone (granite), not concrete, so it's much cooler.

The Green Mountains to the east and a mountain stream along that side of the road (southbound). Basically every road follows a stream in Vermont.

Heading south from VT 9, windmills come into view on a mountain ridge.

VT 8 ends all alone, and the green shields introduced in the early 1990's are finally old enough to fade.

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