Vermont Roads - VT 7A - Manchester and N.

VT 7A, Manchester and north

Old signs on the south side of Manchester. The second is on River Rd.

On north into Manchester.

Closeups of architectural details.

Continuing north, but not done yet...

A bazaar of old signs in downtown where VT 11 ends and VT 30 crosses with a short concurrency. Click the first photo for a closeup of the squares that used to be black on white but have faded to the opposite.

Both ends of the VT 30 duplex and a westward photo along the Batten Kill in the middle of the two.

SB on the north side of the duplex.

If you forgot to put the HISTORIC in the shield, no worries, you can come back and fix it later.

Benedict Rd., one final old US 7 alignment, looking north at someone who decided to make it his driveway.

SB on the old alignment, which features an old sign and an old bridge and again ends as someone's driveway. Was US 7 here when the sign was? I know it was here on this bridge.

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