Vermont Roads - VT 67A

Within the town limits of Bennington, apparently these are town-maintained routes and thus merit circles instead of Vermont's green shields. I could be wrong, because while VT 7A is always shown with the circle, the same cannot be said of 67A as you'll see below. These are SB.

The route is properly shown with the new green shield; circle shields are left to town maintenance, which I believe none of 67A is. So that circle shield is just a little older. VAOT has done a fairly terrible job figuring out the NY shield, so maybe it's good to add the redundant "NY".

VAOT has done a fairly terrible job maintaining this bridge from all the weathering and hits it's apparently taken. It's bridge 3 on VT 67A, and for all I know there are exactly two more bridges before it ends.

The first of three covered bridges on or near VT 67A.

Back across it.

The second bridge, on Murphy Rd.

And back across.

Looking west and east from the Paper Mill Bridge allong the Walloomsac River.

The last bridge is on River Rd. a bit further west of VT 67A - and actually at the other end of Murphy Rd. These bridges try their best to look alike.

Views from the far side of the Walloomsac River, a fact given away only after having crossed all three bridges. If you can't see this sign that well, sorry, but it doesn't show up much better in real life - black letters on rusted brown background.

VT 67A NB at its end, then VT 67 WB spawning its "A" route but forgetting its own shield.

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