Vermont Roads - VT 65

VT 65

The west end of the route.

VT 65 is the strangest of the five 6x numbered trans-mountain connectors between VT 12 and VT 14. Part of it is unpaved, but still signed with a primary shield. It also is the only one that doesn't interchange with I-89, and it features a floating bridge that routinely has problems. You'll soon see why it was closed in 2013.

Well, here's the bridge. Looks okay?

Still looks okay? Maybe not. The sidewalks are above water and very much usable for pedestrian connections for Brookfield residents on either side, but residents on the west wishing to drive east must go back out to West St. and detour 2½ miles around Sunset Lake. This was the 7th floating bridge across the lake, closed when its foam flotation barrels stopped being so floaty. At this point, it might still be drivable, depending on how far a car's weight pushes the bridge down. It's only walkable because people weigh less.

Some WB views of the span.

You can make out the transverse wooden boards at the bottom of the deck since there are some holes in the... actually, wait, what is that on the boards? It's not concrete, it's algae or mold.

On that note, here are three southward and two northward views of Sunset Lake, algae-free.

Heading west from the closure, all the way around to Stone Rd. on the east side of the lake, which affords a view of the bridge's profile against the water. It really doesn't look drivable from this angle.

Picking up VT 65 at the east end of the bridge, I continue past the First Congregational Church of Brookfield to the east end of the route. This half of the route is paved for access to Brookfield's town center.

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