Vermont Roads - VT 62

VT 62

VT 62 WB ends at Exit 7 from I-89. It functions as a southern bypass of Montpelier connecting to US 302/VT 14 at Barre. Two interesting things about these signs are the lack of borders on the I-89 shields and the underlined directions, although the fonts and arrows are definitely not standard. I'm also not sure about how these WB 62 BGS's ended up different colors.

More WB signs on either side of Airport Rd.

Flipping to EB signs, at and past the same intersection. The first sign is misleading, as both directions of US 2 can be found by taking the exit to the unnumbered Berlin State Highway. The last sign is at the gore, and the destinations should be vertically centered. Given that VT 62 to VT 66 are a system of east-west routes from north to south, I suggest Berlin State Hwy. be numbered VT 61.

VT 62 EB ends just west of downtown Barre. The button copy is no longer.

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