Vermont Roads - VT 58

VT 58

All photos are westbound but one.

VT 58 follows Church St. onto Main St. in Orleans and crosses the Barton River.

This stone is at the base of Irasburg St. It's now a dead end, but VT 58 used to head west out of town from here before I-91 came through and disrupted with Exit 26. Main St. followed the river without a number until intersecting US 5 farther south than today, an old alignment that now serves an industrial park.

My lone EB photo, approaching US 5 at the west end of VT 58's short concurrency that takes it through the I-91 interchange.

VT 100 is state-maintained and should have the modern green shield. VT 58 is only state-maintained east of this intersection, so the circle shield is appropriate. But which circle shield? I typically expect the oval one, but the Delaware-shaped shield (split circle connected by straight lines) is older.

Leaving VT 100, VT 58 crosses the East Branch Missisquoi River and then the Burgess Branch.

Bet you weren't expecting a dirt road, but that's why this part isn't state maintained. Hazen Notch Rd. is also closed winters, which in northern VT lasts for about half the year.

Make it back to pavement and you'll find the end of the road in Montgomery Center.

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