Vermont Roads - VT 4A


Exit 1 leaving US 4 just happens to also be VT 4A EB. The Welcome Center is off to the side, and the Weigh Station is along the eastbound lane. This all would have flowed better with the proposed and partially graded Exit 1 trumpet, which would leave the Welcome Center and Weigh Station as a separate exit, and traffic would re-enter the freeway via the trumpet.

This sign faced the end of VT 4A WB at that same area until just before I made it over there for photos. So thanks to C.C. Slater for having a firesale on road photos from his website and thanks to Michael Summa for taking this photo.

All remaining photos courtesy Doug Kerr.

Eastbound at Dutch Ave., which leads to US 4 Exit 3 (eastbound access only). Note the all-text BGS, fuzzy though it is.

A couple of old assemblies, one heading EB, the other WB. Mmm, square-shield goodness.

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