Vermont Roads - VT 35

My son, it is old signs you seek? You have come to the right place.

All signs are northbound unless I state otherwise.

Grafton Rd. is a shortcut, because VT 35 ends up in Grafton as well, but loops out to the east to hook up with VT 121.

This style of shield is about 50 years old, maybe 60. VT 35's signs are so old, you'll see another of these tiny squares, the only route on which I've found more than one of them.

VT 35 shares the following trait with VT 121: It is an unpaved state route. Well, only for about a mile, and here's where it starts.

Southbound, this shield is only about 40 years old (compare to the tiny squares above and below), but it also comes with vintage white guide signs, something no other photo on this page can claim. Click for stunning closeup.

VT 121 WB at VT 35, where the WEST banner must have been an afterthought.

VT 121 EB/VT 35 SB where the multiplex breaks again.

More 50+-year-old shields, the only time I've seen two together. Oh, the fun's not done by a long shot yet.

More 30-40 year old shields. The arrow is oriented correctly, but a slanted arrow should have been used inside a flush rectangular sign.

VT 121 WB/VT 35 NB where they split in Grafton. All of the shields in Grafton are old squares, but the town just replaced the white distance signs in the last year or two. Of course, Grafton didn't use the new state standard white on green signs (new as in 35 years ago or so), but rather new black on white signs.

Where did that circle come from? VT 121 EB, and there should be a NORTH above the square 35.

It was a beautiful day in Vermont, and the old cars were out. There was one in Barre as well.

VT 35 southbound, heading down a steep hill into Grafton. The embossed sign doesn't lie.

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