Vermont Roads - VT 313

VT 313

The West Arlington Covered Bridge on Covered Bridge Rd., SB from VT 313.

Some more views of the covered bridge from the south side.

The small community of West Arlington is centered here at the end of Covered Bridge Rd. with a church, a few homes, and a scenic farm to the west.

Back north across the bridge.

Another wooden bridge, this one much stranger, on Benedict Crossing Rd. It appears to take several tons of bolts to hold it together.

Back north across the bridge to VT 313. In the last photo you see not only the number of bolts that eat into the aesthetic appeal of the bridge, but a steel jacket erected around the beam just to keep the bridge up. I can't think this will survive much longer.

Not to; these are on the concurrency itself into Arlington.

Embossed street signs at an intersection along the way.

VT 313 WB at the beginning of that concurrency, courtesy John Krakoff and gone now.

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