Vermont Roads - VT 31

Neither this nor the photo above is how to do it. Obviously, SOUTH goes above the shield. In this case, Vermont needs to pick a color scheme and stick with it - having JCT signs be the reverse of other banner signs just doesn't cut it.

VT 31 crosses the Poultney River on this 1923 truss bridge. Click on the bridge plaque (on the north side of the SB truss) for a closeup (of the south side of the SB truss).

Across the bridge southbound. Traffic is light enough to walk the bridge, especially at 7 AM on a Sunday morning.

Confidence is not inspired by the rust on the NB truss or by the gap between the deck and the sidewalk (this is the SB sidewalk). Also, only from this side can you see how flimsy and tacked-on the sidewalk appears. Well, it's held up so far.

One more truss detail, showing how to construct a beam out of several pieces of metal.

Looking east along the Poultney River.

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