Vermont Roads - VT 279 - Bennington Road Meet

VT 279 at the 11/12/11 Bennington Road Meet

Bald Mountain, seen facing east at the state line (with a weigh station to the right, not an abandoned carriageway or a bike trail), then a long view from that distance to the ongoing bypass construction in the US 7 interchange and east. (The US 7 NB ramp crosses in the foreground, and East Rd. is in the back.)

In my 2005 photos from Doug Kerr, all you see are the BGS's for the VT 67A exit. This is what occupies the left half of the overhead assembly at the exit. The spacing is far too condensed to be legible. If Vermont can't afford a big enough sign, it should get rid of the word "Downtown," and kern properly either way.

The future visitor center exit from the VT 279 EB inside loop ramp to US 7 NB, and then a look back at the future visitor center exit into the same ramp. The visitor center looks like it will be accessible to and from every roadway via left-hand exits, a byproduct of the uniquely funky interchange design.

Looking east at the VT 279 connection to US 7 and the visitor center taking shape. I can't identify what's paved in the median and why, but it's not part of any original or final configuration.

US 7 SB past the split to VT 279 EB. The two routes are now concurrent for a short distance in either direction through the interchange between right entrances and left exits from/to 279.

Looking west from East Rd. back at the interchange. For whatever reason, the last part to be completed is the one part that has always been graded.

Looking south on either side of the East Rd. overpass. Yet to appear is a BGS for US 7 SB, which will be on the left of that gantry.

Finally, looking east from the overpass to the curved bridge in the distance that crosses Furnace Brook.

NB and SB on Chapel Rd., the next cross street to the east.

Looking west from there to the banked Furnace Brook bridge. Pavement is nearly complete, to be followed by striping and then roadway opening.

Up to bridge level for a second, looking east as the road curves to the south to meet its current end at VT 9.

Southward views of the half that has been built of the future SPUI at VT 9. As is clearest in the overhead view, the SB-EB offramp comes together with the EB-NB onramp at a Single Point. This is of great interest to road enthusiasts.

NB views up what's now the beginning of VT 279 WB and will eventually be a ramp to US 7 NB. It crosses the Roaring Branch of the Walloomsac River all by itself, as does the SB offramp and as will the future mainline bridge when it's constructed.

Doing the same thing to the SB offramp, looking north.

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