Vermont Roads - VT 253

VT 253

The SB end. All of the signs on VT 253 are this nastily old age that leads to them being nearly illegible. These are the oldest circles I've seen, as opposed to the original squares.

To the opposite end of the route, where the Québec border is a few feet past the second sign. Guess what's on the other side - QC 253. That's why this isn't just more of VT 102.

SB at the same turn you just saw NB. If you'd like to see what typical Vermont sign aging looks like in detail, click for a closeup.

If you go straight at the blinker instead of following VT 253, you cross the Beecher Falls-Stewartstown Bridge, constructed in 1930.

And if you look to the left, you see this chopped mid-1940's Chevy pickup at Doris' Corner Store. Actually, it looks like it still runs, so it probably won't be there. Your loss.

So, instead, look to the left and right from the bridge itself over the Connecticut River.

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