Vermont Roads - VT 235

Above: VT 120 WB.

NB up to some cows. Why cows? Because Vermont.

SB at Dandurand Rd. This sign was once orange and put up for a seasonal frost heave some number of years ago, but either VAOT never repaired it or figured there would be more heaves in later years.

NB at VT 207. If you've crossed the border at a random snowmobile trail or otherwise successfully evaded Customs until this point, you just lost plausible deniability.

Those signs needed replacement, but I don't think this is quite right. For that matter, the decrepit straight arrow wasn't replaced either, so now they have an excuse to come back and fix this. Maybe an I-207 shield next time?

SB at the same intersection. I-89 could use a right arrow.

I didn't say "VT 235 could use an upgrade to a US highway", but at least my return brought me a chance to get a better photo of the arrowless shield.

Continuing north from there to the national border.

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