Vermont Roads - VT 23

Top: SB at Snake Mountain Rd. Above: Facing west on Gorham Lane in Middlebury. Below: All from the same crossroads, known as Weybridge Hill, in Weybridge.

So many scenes in Vermont look like you're in the middle of a painting.

Taking up the left side of your screen is the Silas Wright monument, paired excellently with the accompanying green sign. Also at this location is the Weybridge Congregational Church.

SB and NB at James Rd.; VT 23 SB is missing an arrow to bear left, while the NB side uses a large rectangular arrow, not pictured here because it's boring. The pretty scene farther up looks northeast from here.

Leaving the area, NB at Quaker Village Rd. Click for a very signly closeup.

SB leaving Weybridge Hill.

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