Vermont Roads - VT 22A

The NY/VT border monument.

Embossed signs at the south edge of Fair Haven, and then further along (and still southbound), past the circle shield atop this page, another cracked speed limit sign. Since the shield comes after the state highway begins, it should be a green VERMONT shield, but then again, it probably predates the use of the new shield.

Courtesy Doug Kerr, on a multiplex of A routes - but while VT 4A is really the old US 4 (and thus an alternate route for 4), VT 22A is and always has been a spur from NY 22 (and thus is an alternate route from 22).

Courtesy Adam Prince, leaving Fair Haven.

Addison Town Hall at VT 17.

Up toward Vergennes (second photo). Obviously the VT 74 construction shield is reused between projects, but having a black on orange shield is always interesting.

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