Vermont Roads - VT 207

VT 207

Look right from VT 207 NB in Highgate and you'll see the stub of the former Mill Hill Rd. Park there and follow that stub to see the bridge that still crosses the Missisquoi River over Highgate Falls, though you won't be able to do much more than look.

Beyond the bridge, looking south.

VT 207 NB jogs east along VT 78. Not "TO." It's official.

SB signs approaching the other end of the brief concurrency. Click on the first shield for a closeup.

Rainville Rd. used to be an unmanned border crossing, but since those are frowned upon, this is now its condition looking north from VT 207.

Just east of there, VT 207 comes to its end. I don't think the distance sign is really set up properly. The last line should be an entirely different sign, not a destination.

First SB reassurance.

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